Respond instantly through video from the comfort of your desk

We are Vehicles In Video and we’re on a mission to put video at the heart of your motor sales and servicing business in an increasingly digital world.

The time for video is now

With the VIV digital app, you have the ability to shorten the sales process, increase your enquiry-to-appointment ratio, and make more sales. The app seamlessly integrates with the heart of your business, allowing both sales and servicing teams to quickly interact with prospects and existing customers. You can use VIV on smartphones and tablets with unlimited user profiles plus there’s a dealership video library and a range of customisation and personalisation options. All your dealership and customer metrics are trackable through the VIV insights dashboard.

We go the extra mile

We’re led by our clients and take a consultative approach to aligning their vehicle sales or servicing challenges with the VIV video app’s flexible suite of features. Setting up VIV, personalising the app, and creating professional vehicle videos is simple and you’ll rapidly start saving on team time and resources. With VIV you can…

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Who are Vehicles In Video?

We’re a young company already shaking up automotive sales and servicing by gathering all key processes into a monthly subscription video response app. With VIV, you save time and boost the bottom line while delivering an exceptional digital experience to your customers.

Simplify how long it takes to create and send top-quality, personal, professional videos as part of a great digital customer experience that leads to more sales.

Interact with service centre customers using VIV to make the whole process easier by drastically reducing how long it takes to get the go-ahead for work to begin.

Access a detailed range of actionable data from the personalised VIV dashboard to measure a wide range of vital metrics and upgrade systems and processes.

The key to being digital first

Advances in technology and changes in consumer behaviour, coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic, have made taking a ‘digital first’ approach crucial in any industry. And especially in the automotive industry.

Autotrader found that 54% of customers would buy from a business offering their preferred experience, even if the price was higher than elsewhere, and 72% would visit dealerships more often if the buying process improved. When it comes to getting quotations and securing finance, EY found that 66% of prospects prefer to do this entirely online.

And did you know that UK consumers check text messages within three minutes of receiving them?

Time to go digital first with VIV.

What our clients say

“We have sold various vehicles on the back of sending a video from the Vehicles In Video app. When it comes to uploading videos to the app it’s so simple and user friendly. I no longer need to edit my videos as the app does it all for me automatically. All I need to do is enter the details and save the video. Sending videos is even easier!”

“At Prestige Motor Company we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible car buying experience for our customers. The Vehicles In Video application helps us achieve this by offering our customers a personalised, professional video presentation of the vehicle that they have enquired on. The application gives the sales team a different angle to engage with customers more digitally.”

“The VIV app has been an amazing tool not only for our digital customer experience but also for our internal sales processes. My sales team find the app really easy to use, we have already seen an increase in the number of appointments and have sold more cars. As a company we are always looking for new products and ideas, I’m glad we chose VIV!”

“Vehicles in Video has helped transform our lead management process by allowing our sales teams to generate and send personalised videos from their desk. It has eliminated the need to go and find the vehicle and move it to a suitable position, as well as completely removing existing limitations experienced such as poor weather and lighting. We have benefited from efficiency gains and the streamlined process has helped create a better customer experience where we are seeing improved customer engagement and click through rates.”

“We joined VIV a few years ago and it is probably the best decision I have made. We have a great working relationship and Vehicles in Video is a step ahead in the digital side of my company. They are very helpful, and always there when you need them. It’s a business venture you would never regret”

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Interested? Book a Demo

Want to understand how VIV can work with you? Book a demo and we will show you exactly how the VIV app could revolutionise your auto business.