Transform your sales process

Give your customers the best digital experience as your team respond instantly with personalised videos of your stock.

The VIV approach

The Vehicles In Video app is helping revolutionise how the motor industry operates at every level, from dealer groups to independents, and is making the transition to a ‘digital first’ sales and servicing simple and cost-effective.

We take a consultative approach with all our VIV clients, gaining a deep understanding of their specific challenges before aligning those with the app’s flexible functionality to help deliver a superior digital sales and service experience.

The emphasis is on simplicity and reducing how long it takes you to create and send top-quality professional vehicle videos before delivering a great digital customer experience that leads to more sales.

And that’s important as EY found 66% of car buyers would be happy to go through the whole purchasing process entirely online. Not only that, prospects are three times more likely to respond to your text messages than any other type of communication.

The sales journey

The VIV app comes with a wide range of features and functionality and crucially lets you respond to customers instantly with personalised video. You can make the app yours by adding your logo, branding and colours and access pre-built templates with different calls to action. Among VIV’s unique features is the ability to access your video library from anywhere, making it easy for different members of the sales team to send the same video to multiple customers from different locations without starting from scratch.

Choose vehicle

Choose the vehicle a customer has enquired about from your dealership library

Add personalisation

Option for generic or personalised intro, outros and voiceover

Integrates with call centre

Ability for call centre staff to send videos on behalf of sales team

Source of enquiry

Track the origin of third party leads

Send video

Send video to a new or existing customer via text and or email

App data

Track individual customer behaviour and data through our intuitive dashboard

VIV and Call Centres

The VIV app is the natural choice for any size of dealership and we can integrate with call centres.

The app can eliminate common call centre digital journey challenges by sharing sales executives' personalised videos on behalf of individual dealerships. This leaves sales teams free to focus on selling while the customer enjoys a seamless experience with earlier engagement and faster response times. And all that leads straight to more sales.

Interested? Book a Demo

Want to understand how VIV can work with you? Book a demo and we will show you exactly how the VIV app could revolutionise your auto business.

The customer journey

Receives email & SMS

Customer will receive a text message with a unique link to their video

Key information

Customer can view vehicles information and metrics (pulled from DVLA)

Make contact

Customer can contact you, book a test drive, or explore finance options direct from the app and in real time

Landing page

Directed to your branded landing page with personalised video and vehicle information

Take a closer look

As part of the VIV app, you get your personalised dashboard. From here you can access a detailed range of actionable data to help you measure vital metrics, all presented in one consistent style. From the dashboard, you can also monitor each inquiry, respond directly to customers, and assign team user roles to limit accessibility. 

Interested? Book a Demo

Want to understand how VIV can work with you? Book a demo and we will show you exactly how the VIV app could revolutionise your auto business.

The digital checklist

Is your dealership digitally ready? The VIV app seamlessly fits into your business so you can respond by video instantly, no requirement to move stock, send responses when your dealership is closed and so much more.

Interested in our servicing app?

The VIV offering is not limited to only sales, we have servicing product too. Interact with service centre customers using VIV to make the whole process easier by drastically reducing how long it takes to get the go-ahead for work to begin. 

As well as speeding up the approval process, and so making space for more service jobs, and giving the customer peace of mind, the video also creates a valuable record should there ever be a dispute down the line.