Why you should be using Personalised Video

At Vehicles in Video, we believe that every customer should receive the best digital customer experience possible. We also believe that our application helps dealerships achieve this.

So, why do we hold such great value in personalised videos? It has been discovered through industry research that 73% of customers prefer a personalised customer experience. Vehicles in Video allows the sales team or contact centre to respond to every sales enquiry with a personalised vehicle video, all from the comfort of their desk. When dealerships use Vehicles in Video to respond to all enquiries with a video, they are guaranteed to be sending out the highest quality, personalised vehicle video. All videos that are filmed and sent through the Vehicles in Video App are captured in 4K.

Personalised Intros and Outros to vehicle enquiries are so important and they are a vital part of the car and vehicle sales process. Personalised Calls to Action have led to 202% better conversions than the videos that are sent without personalisation.

With the choice of recording a live, personalised intro and outro for the vehicle video or using a pre-recorded intro and outro, your customer will always receive the best, most customer focused and professional experience.