Following the major growth that Vehicles in Video have seen over the last 12 months, Birchwood Motor Group are their latest UK Dealer Group to come onboard. Birchwood is made up of 9 sites across England including manufacturer franchises Kia, Ford and Skoda.

Matt Maley, CEO Vehicles In Video: said, From our initial meeting with Paula we were able to establish and understand the vision the group had outlined. It became apparent early in the discussion stages that VIV were a great fit for Birchwood. I’m truly grateful to be partnering with such a credible and forward thinking organisation and delighted to see the early success this has brought to their sales team since going live.

Paula Kemp, the Marketing, HR and IT Director Birchwood, has said, “Birchwood had been using an integrated image and video solution for some time but the hope for product development did not happen and the support was lacking. Whilst the image solution was fully utilised, the team’s engagement with video decreased over time due to the time required to make videos and the reliability of upload. The support desk was limited in the help it could offer which led to further, understandable, disengagement from the teams. What appealed to us about VIV is the fact it was created and designed by someone who has actually worked in the sales role, saw the challenges and came up with a solution. The simplicity that any team member based in sales or a contract centre can get a personalised video sent to a customer within seconds from enquiry improves customer experience, saves time and frees up the team to have more conversations. The training and implementation when we started with VIV exceeded our expectations and our teams came back fully enthused and engaged with the product.

AM Online have covered this partnership in their online blog. The full article can be seen here: