Why you should be using Personalised Video

At Vehicles in Video, we believe that every customer should receive the best digital customer experience possible. We also believe that our application helps dealerships achieve this. So, why do we hold such great value in personalised videos? It has been discovered through industry research that 73% of customers prefer a personalised customer experience. Vehicles […]

The VIV Podcast has arrived!

The VIV Podcast is finally here! Please like, share and follow the VIV Podcast. CEO Matt Maley and Co Found Danny Cooksey will be speaking with industry leaders about various topics within the automotive industry. The directors have started the VIV Podcast to give listeners more insight and up-to-date news within the industry. If any industry leaders wish to express an interest in appearing […]

Are You Getting The Best Out Of Video?

Here is our CEO & Co founder Danny Cooksey explaining how your dealership can get the best out of video. Danny also explains how Vehicles In Video can enhance your sales process and your customers digital journey through video. Interested in knowing more about how Vehicles in Video can help your business? BOOK A DEMO […]

We’ve moved!

Welcome to the new VIV HQ! We’re very excited to share our new office space within Pure offices at Edinburgh Park! Our CEO Danny and Sales & Ops Director Matt couldn’t miss the opportunity to show off our new signage, looking great team.  We can’t wait to continue to grow from our fantastic new base! […]